• Peter Eriksson


The travel industry is struggling fiercely to survive and find means against the effects of COVID19, which will most likely take years to overcome. The actual extreme downturn of traffic lead to a significant drop of spending and (if at all) profitability.

Are we not cheating ourselves, blaming the virus to be the evil, causing this situation?

Since several years, travelers are changing their behavior, avoiding spending time at the airport by arriving late, ignoring the offer of products and services, seeking means to spend (waste…) time until departure, if at all shopping, spending less, preferring to concentrate on their smartphones and tablets, sometimes working but most likely providing likes and comments to useless blogs.

  • What are we undertaking to change the awareness and behavior of our guests (YES, we should treat passengers as guests…)?

  • Investing more and more in a luxury environment (still, although the main part of our guests is holiday makers…),

  • adding retail space for innumerable branded items which can be found anywhere in the world (in-store and online),

  • introducing loyalty programs and omni-channel shopping), simulate price advantages under the brand Duty Free?

Everything already seen and tried, with questionable results.

When studying the faces of our guests at airports, it is difficult to find anyone smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves. The longer the more, they look like travelers by train or bus, on the way to work, at 6 am in the morning…

What can be done, to enhance the guest experience, when spending time with us?

  • Build and intensify a true relationship, built on trust and respect (not to be compared with a database or technical solution).

  • “Roll out the red carpet” to our best customers, spending a huge amount of time and money with us.

  • Enhance to value proposition of the guest experience, as well as products and services.

  • Differentiate the offer, reducing the depth and width of branded merchandise, to the advantage of less cannibalization, introducing more local merchandise and new, upcoming brands.

  • Provide a platform for “best-in-class” providers of unique experiences and merchandise (e.g. the very best wine merchant with home delivery or take-away, art galleries, local traditional markets), only to be found at the airport.

  • Offering local and national food & beverage experiences beyond expectation, still securing an international offer asked for.

  • Entertaining the guest, whilst spending time with us.

  • It is time to bring back pleasure and excitement to our guests, providing “best-in-class” infrastructure, smooth travel processes, as well as the offer of products and services, offering a dwell quality worth remembering!

It is time to start treating our guests – as guests…

“a unique proposition for airports, where demanding consumers from every where meet exceptional providersof experiences, products, and services in an attractive and convenient environment”

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