Gold - silver - bronze; who will win the title? The Olympic Summer and Winter Games are the sporting highlight of mankind. Every 4 years the best of the world's best compete against each other in the arenas of the Olympic stadiums and encourage each other to achieve top physical performances. The Olympic rings symbolize the community of all continents, their people from all countries of the world and the common sporting spirit. A sports event with history, tradition, fair play and joy.


The modern sports & souvenir shop


The Olympic retail stores give enthusiastic visitors and sports fans the opportunity to experience a little bit of the Olympic spirit. Whether Olympic T-shirts, mugs, key rings or baseball caps; all products related to the Olympic Games can be bought by sports fans around the world and brought back home with them. A piece of sports history as a reminder of the world’s major sporting event.


Freshly colored interior design


The design of the Olympic Store Concept is metamorphic and is well-related to the shapes and colors of the relevant media campaigns of all the individual Olympic Games locations. The materialization is also based on the corporate guidelines of the organizers and forms an ideal and neutral product environment background for the variety of colors of the Olympic products.


Digital media


We have already started to implement digital equipment during the Olympic stores of 2004 in Athens (Greece). With large-format video walls and in-store information screens, we were able to grab the attention of sports fans early on and, on the other hand, show them the current sporting events live and present information about the wide range of products online.


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